Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention

Providing Shelter From Abuse 

DWO protects victims of domestic and gender-based violence and empowers them to build successful lives.

Advocating for Women’s Rights

DWO fights for legal rights and protections for women at the local and central government level.

Preventing Violence Through Awareness

DWO seeks to prevent domestic and gender-based violence through public awareness campaigns.

Domestic Violence Shelter

In 2004, DWO opened the first shelter in the southern region of Georgia. The facility remains the region’s only domestic violence shelter. Women and their children find a temporary haven from abuse, access comprehensive services that address mental and physical health needs, and receive free legal counsel.

Women who reside in the shelter may receive assistance from our staff social worker, legal representation when filing for divorce and custody rights, as well as assistance with finding jobs and alternative housing when they depart our facility.


DWO is passionate about enacting systemic changes that enable women to improve their circumstances. DWO actively advocates for legislation to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women. In partnership with the Anti-Violence Network of Georgia (AVNG), DWO has developed 6 legislative initiatives, which include:

  • Enacting Georgia’s first law to protect women from domestic violence “Law of Georgia on Elimination of Domestic Violence, Protection, and Support of Victims of Domestic Violence”.
  • Enacting the “Law of Georgia on Gender Equality”.
  • Enacting maternity and paternity leave laws where parents can have 6 months of paid and/or 2 years of unpaid leave.
  • Providing legal status to single mothers.

Community Awareness & Prevention

To help decrease the rate of domestic violence, DWO conducts community education trainings to raise public awareness about violence against women and to promote self-advocacy and civic involvement in legislation that further protects women and their civil rights. DWO trains a wide array of constituency groups including government officials, police departments, educators, and social service providers. From 2014 to 2018, over 3,000 people participated in DWO’s trainings.